Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Welcome to the World Emerly Jay

Clearly I'm an amazing blogger/journal writer. But considering I no longer have a full time paying job I think I will try to keep a little bit up to date things here. So to catch up, we also went to Germany--Berlin and Munich, and Prague. One day I will write about those days.

Last year we also visited, Disneyland, Mt. Rushmore, DC, San Antonio, and Kansas City.....

Now for the latest news :D We obviously got a little busy over the summer and on March 14th 10:12 am, out popped Emerly Jay at 6 lbs 12.5 oz and 19.5 inches long.
I want to write down her birth story so I don't forget it, but also because some tid bits before hand I find amusing.

My last day of work was March 8th, and I feel like it was just yesterday. I was barely dilated to a one and 70% effaced. The weekend of maternity leave was slow but tiring. I tried to be more social, which is always difficult for me to want to leave the house...went bowling with friends :) got a pedicure with my mom. Went to Emerly's cousins blessing, and a game/bbq with friends on Sunday. Monday night I was kind of annoyed with everyone's questions/statements of "when is she coming? Oh your not going to be induced till the 28th? Wow you look like your going to pop, good luck with that! Did not think you would make it this far"
 So I decided not to worry about when she came, instead of being anxious about it I thought to myself hey....its ok, The longer she is in there the better, and be freaking grateful about it to, just be patient. But then I also thought...the longer she is in there the higher chance of still birth. Yeah, my mind is great. When Tyler came home on Monday night I told him, I want to slowly introduce her to things that might induce labor--like pineapple and spicy foods but I was ok with whenever she wanted to show up and I would try to be less anxious about it.
Tyler agreed with me, (he always tries to make me happy you will find) and we got a family size (COUPON) pineapple pepperoni pizza for dinner. We only ate one piece each, but I figured I'd have leftovers all week to eat at lunch and help her come along. That night I was jokingly telling Ty, I hope that she doesn't come in the middle of the night or my water breaks on our bed. That would suck. I also hope she doesn't come tonight since I haven't showered for ever--to be fair, I was going to shower that day, but I played with my dogs instead and was too tired to care afterwards. Figured, eh I'll shower tomorrow.

Basically, with me finally relaxing about her coming....made her come :D. I did not however sleep in our bed that night as I had been choking on mucus *yummy* the previous nights so I decided to sleep in our recliner. I woke up right before  1 am with a dream that I was peeing...but I wasn't peeing, but I was wet. Since I usually wake up in the middle of the night anyways to pee, I just thought damn...missed that wake up call. So I hobbled into the bathroom (which adjoins our bedroom) and as soon as I got on the toilet WHOOSH!!! I opened the door, and said Ty....my water just broke. He groggily replies "Are you joking?" I stood up a bit and another WHOOSH of water came down...and he sat straight up. To be fair, I kind of had teased him before on two separate occasions that my water broke....
So after the majority of it emptied into the toilet, I thought well I haven't felt any contractions that are different from braxton hicks...and I know you don't want to go to the hospital till they are close together, but...when your water breaks, do you go immediately?? So we googled, and called the on call doctor--your baby will be here in 24 hours its up to you when you come said google. The on call doctor, never called back....

I texted my mom and my sister (who did the birth story pictures you see throughout and below) and immediately my sister texts back I'M AWAKE! I call her, she was binge watching TV... I told her I was going to take a shower really quick instead of going to the hospital right away cause I was rank. She decided to come and meet us at our house. My sweet hilarious sister....sigh. Anyways, got showered--braided my hair, put a bit of make up on, pooped :) and Terra was there trying to usher us to go to the hospital. I said...no lets eat some breakfast really quick. This whole time the puppies were extremely worried about me and would not leave my side. Which I found interesting as they were SUPER CLINGY on Monday. Ava especially is not a clingy dog, but Monday and that night, she did not want to leave my side. Made me cry.

After we ate, made sure we had everything we decided might as well go to the hospital, baby is coming in 24 hours even if we hadn't heard back from the on call doctor. At this point I could feel the contractions--which were NOT like the braxton hicks ones I had been having for the past ten weeks. They were like period pains times 10 at that point.

We check in the hospital at 2:30 am. I had decided I wanted to try to see how long I could go without an epidural because I was scared shitless of an epidural. Too many people gave me their horror stories of what went wrong with theirs, and the needle....and my anxiety....yeah..people suck I have decided. Do not listen to them!! By 3:15 I was crying through the contractions that were only 7 minutes apart telling Tyler and Terra I can't do this...I'm scared, I don't want to do this..

So I agreed to get the epidural. With the nurse telling me what was going on, Tyler holding my hands and Terra at my side I got the epidural. Not going to lie, I think I was most anxious for that part and I really wanted to take a anti anxiety pill just for that. I was crying, but trying to remain still so I didn't get a horror story. Once that epidural kicked in--I was like, wait...what?? This is AMAZING. I can tell I'm having a contraction but like its CAKE! Not only that, it put me in a better mood--which may or may not have ruined things a little.

So the nurse put my catheter in, and as she was preparing to do that she had to clean that area...which with the epidural apparently tickled A LOT. I was laughing hysterically. Then we started to play cards to watch the time go by and I heard this really gross fart, looked at Terra and was like was that you?? She said no, that was you. Yeah...did not feel a thing. That got me worried a bit, like if I didn't feel that how the heck am I going to know when to push?

At 7:08 I was dilated to 5.5. The nurse told us I was progressing well and should have her in the afternoon. Then the nurse came back an hour later...and I was at a 9. Progression sped up like WOAH. They then said ok, we're going to let you drop or something for an hour and and then push for an hour and see how that turns out.

So about here I thought the anxiety would be massively taking over me, but no, I was chill as a cucumber. It was seriously the best. That epidural had me on such a high--zombie legged out, but happy.

When they told me to start pushing I tried, but honestly didn't feel anything. The nurse wanted to see Emerly's head a bit before she called in the doctor. Then the next thing I know the doctor is there, there are like 3 other people there and I'm being told to just push. Ty is holding one leg up, the nurse the other I think...and Terra is taking pictures while holding my head. The whole time I'm concentrating on pushing but not actually knowing if I am pushing....it was the weirdest sensation. I kind of wish I felt that way when I'm constipated lol..but that...that shit I feel come out :D. So when they put Emerly on my lap, I was still pushing...I didn't feel her come out at all.

And there she was on my lap, as soft as could be. Now before this I didn't know if I wanted skin to skin because ewe baby covered in bodily fluids, will be sticky--and lumpy etc. Nope, she was seriously so freaking soft. I immediately noticed her cone head and pig button nose. Then I was just kind of in a drug stupor of looking at her like this just came out of me?

In that drug stupor, my doctor noticed I had a septum in my vagina that apparently should not be there and could cause complications in the next pregnancy. She said she could fit 2 fingers through this extra bit of skin and asked if it would be okay if she cut it out and sewed me up. I said yes. Seriously, I don't know if I should have...but too late for that. That cut is a bitch. I did tear, only 1 1/2 degrees so she had to stitch me up there to...but in recovery when I asked Ty, man my left side hurts like hell is that where I tore? He said, no, thats where they cut you afterwards and there was a ton of blood.

Back to Emerly. She is here. We love her, and the following is the rest of the birth story in pictures. I want to follow up on this post with a post of what I've learned, how our first week was, and the baby blues.

I love her so much.

By the way, her name comes from family members. On Tyler's side Emerson is passed down through the boys--we love that name, and feminized it. Jay is after my grandpa, me, and quite a few others.

These are just a few of the pictures my sister took. If you would like to see all the pictures, let me know and I'll share the link :)


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I love you all soooooooo MUCH!!!!

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Such an awesome day for you! Can't wait to meet little miss Emerly! So happy for y'all!